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Dr. Shahriar Rouhani – Chariman

Shahriar Rouhani received an M.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Yale University. He has more than 33 years of experience in social work and Dr. Rouhani has devoted much of his life to the evangelization of a simple theory, aid must be given in such a method that the dignity and sense of self-worth of recipients are maintained and nurtured. With over three decades of management and field work for small and large charity organizations, Dr. Rouhani has devoted his life to helping disadvantaged, orphaned, and homeless families.


Dr. Mojgan Bina Moghaddam – CEO

Dr. Mojgan (Bina) Moghaddam holds a doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM), and a master’s degree in Human Development. She is currently the founder and director of iheal clinic, an integrative medicine and acupuncture clinic, and is also a professor at the Five Branches University in San Jose. She has worked for Stanford, UCSF Osher Center, and Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Moghaddam has been active in various charity and voluntary organizations for years, such as women homeless shelters, California CareForce, and Sundayfriends.org where she currently provides free medical care to families.


Mrs. Zahra Malekloo – Treasurer

Zahra Malekloo obtained her MS in Architecture from the University of Utah. Since her graduation in 2016, she has been working as a designer in MADI Group architectural firm. She is an active member of Merci For All non-profit organization and has worked as a volunteer at several different charity organizations such as Child Advocates of Silicon Valley and Karevan Shadi — an organization supporting hospitalized children with cancer.


Dr. Manouchehr Rafie 

Dr. Rafie has over 25 years of advanced wireless semiconductor and systems design experience spanning a broad range of technologies. He has held executive/senior technical roles at various startups and large companies. Earlier in his professional career, Dr. Rafie was an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley and Kansas University. He has over 75 publications and served as chairman, lecturer or editor in a number of technical conferences and professional associations worldwide. Dr. Rafie also has a passion for contributing to his community and has volunteered with various non-profit organizations including Merci For All, Homeless Shelters, Sunday Friends, and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.


Dr. Hoda Mirafzal

Dr. Mirafzal obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Merced – California. Since her graduation in 2011, she has been working as a lecturer of chemistry at various institutions such as Florida State University and CalPoly San Luis Obispo. She is currently working at Santa Clara University. She is an active member of Merci For All non-profit organization and has worked as a volunteer at several different charity organizations such as Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, International Rescue Committee, and Tallahassee Homeless Shelter.


Mrs. Shahrzad Rouhani

Shahrzad Rouhani has a BS in zoology from UC Santa Barbara and a masters in public health from UNC-Chapel Hill in maternal and child health. She is currently a Care Coordinator at Stanford Children’s Hospital where she works to provide resources and services to families from underserved backgrounds. Shahrzad has been involved in Mercy for All for many years and has a commitment to working with disadvantaged communities. In the past, she has volunteered at free clinics, served as a case manager for refugee mental health, and tutored English Second Language students.


Mrs. Fatemeh Mina Baher

Fatemeh Mina Baher has a BS and Masters in Communication Science & Journalism from the University of Allameh Tabatabaei. She is currently a class Instructor at San Jose Unified School District. Mina is passionate about teaching especially in the field of journalism and giving back to her community. In the past, she has participated in charity work with homeless populations. Mina has a background of working as a journalist in an Iranian News Agency and Iranian News bureaus in Europe.


Ms. Fatemah Shenasa

Fatemah Shenasa is a cardiovascular researcher who grew up in the Bay Area. Her volunteering endeavors include working with elderly patients, underserved rural communities at UC Davis, children in Iran, and as an adult literacy tutor. She believes in holistic care for individuals as has studied the benefits at UC Davis and witnessed the impact through working in different clinics. As a member of Merci For All, she aspires to see each individual provided with opportunities that allow them to grow and lead fulfilling lives. In her free time, Fatemah enjoys reading, painting, and spending time with family.


Mr. Yahya Rouhani

Yahya Rouhani has been involved with MerciForAll since its inception. For over 15 years he has deeply been involved with various non-profit service organizations in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. Yahya holds an MBA and has a background in management, marketing, and international relations. He is currently the head of marketing and sales for a biotech startup.


Dr. Arsia Takeh

Arsia Takeh is a Data Science and Analytics manager at a population health management startup company. He received his MSc and Ph.D. in Computational Science and has more than 10 years of experience working in analytics projects. He is a co-founder of an organization promoting sexual health awareness and child sexual abuse prevention. He has also been an active volunteer in other charities across the United States for homelessness, foster kids and immigrants.


Mr. Borhan Oskorouchi

Borhan received his BS in Industrial Engineering at UC Berkeley and an MBA at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is currently the COO of an online sales platform startup. As a hobby, Borhan produced a community radio show for 6 years and organized a community festival for over 2,000 people in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. He has been involved in community service and charity work for many years both locally in the Bay Area as well as abroad.


Mr. Ali Shenasa

Mr. Ali Rafie

Dr. Haleh Ashki