San Jose Homeless Support Project

San Jose Homeless Support Project

Walk-in Clinic and Sanitation Services

Santa Clara County has one of the highest rates of homelessness in California with almost 7,400 homeless men, women, and families in 2017. As a member of the Bay Area community, the non-profit Merci for All seeks to support this population by developing a community space with sanitation, social, psychological and clinical services. At the heart of our program is the core intention of creating dignity, self-worth, and a sense of agency for this population.

The first phase of the operations is set within a 5 year plan which will establish a center and begin partnership programs with local psychology and social work organizations. Furthermore, within the first phases of its operation, Merci for All aims to provide some basic sanitary services such as free showers and laundry machines, as well as reference material for other services offered by local organizations. The long term (40 year) objective is to create, maintain, and develop an all-purpose one stop center in San Jose that stabilizes, equips, and supports the homeless to become independent and productive members of the society. We hope to gain official support from local and state governments, as well as public and private donors in order to ensure a sustainable future for the program.


Assertive Community Treatment

Using a holistic approach our number one goal is to help an individual find the needed psychological, emotional, and professional support to seek stable work and housing.

  • Our services will be available for an individual until his or her case manager deems necessary.
  • Recruiting professionals in several fields, organization will assure team better prepared for various needs.
  • All possible support will be given on-site before referring to third party organizations.
  • Caseloads will be kept small with volunteers being involved in no more than 10 cases.
  • Each case will have a minimum of 2 volunteers in a team to help with case management load.
  • All cases will have an initial crisis assessment followed with an intervention plan and Individual support therapy program.
  • Some employment preparation services will be provided.